Change your Skin,Change a Life

Mary’s Song Products”And the very God of peace sanctify you wholly; and I pray God your whole spirit andsoul and body be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.” (1Thessalonians 5:23)

We at Mary’s Song Restoration Center strive to maintain a Spirit, Soul,Body atmosphere which promotes healthy eating and living in a Christ-filled environment. Mary’s Song’s line of products was created to provide a way for people to buy “affordable” organic products for their skin,and provide an opportunity for the girls to give back to their community.

Gaelic Soap
Soy Candle

The Proper Ingredients

Using organic essential oils or oil from the “essence” of the plant, add shealing properties from God’s bounty back into our skin. The girls learn thebeauty of these unique oils and balmswe use in our products. They also learnhow to a product goes from laboratoryto sale to the consumer’s home. We teach them each aspect of the process –measuring, labeling and keepinginventory of the products.Mary’s Song’s line of products is organic and affordable.

While the soaps are melted and poured, most of the products come already made from a wholesale manufacturer ensuring quality and freshness. However, we like to add our special touch of essentialoils to each of ourproducts. After years of experimenting, the Mary’s Song’s line of productshasemerged as a vital skin product that both men and women love. From our best sellingFacial Serum to the exfoliatants, men and women have noticed the differencein the vitality of their skin. Within ashort period of time,the skin begins to heal and restoreback to thenatural state whichGod intended. It truly gives us a face life with a fresh perspective! No more chemicals! Please check out our products!

Whether shopping for a gift for a loved one or lavishing yourself -it won’t break the bank! You just never know how muchyour SKIN CAN CHANGE AND THELIVES YOU CAN CHANGEthrough purchasing Mary’s Song’s line of productsAll proceeds from our sales fundMary’s Song Restoration Center. Thank you for your support.