“The Might of His Glory”


“Strengthened with all might, according to his glorious power” Col. 1:11

I always say that Christianity is a win win. When I am faithless, He isn’t. If I’m weak He is strong and He uses the foolish of the world to confound the wise. And when I lack wisdom I can even ask God who gives it to us liberally! It all works for little ole me. My job is to rest in His mighty everlasting arms. Surely we have it made!
The Expositor Bible puts it this way and I love this: “A finite nature can never contain the infinite, but man’s finite nature is capable of infinite expansion. Its elastic walls stretch to contain the increasing gift. The more we desire the more we receive and the more we receive the more we are able to receive. The amount which filled our hearts today should not fill them tomorrow. Our capacity is at each moment the working limit of the measure of the strength given us. But it is always shifting and may be continually increasing. The only real limit is “the might of His glory” the limitless omnipotence of the self-revealing God. To that we may indefinitely approach, and till we have exhausted God we have not reached the furthest point to which we should aspire.
2013 will have it’s ups and it’s downs but thanks be unto God, He always causes us to triumph through it all. (Like I said, we cannot fail) Cease your struggle my Christian and let Him do it through you. Everyday is a new day to learn how to surrender to His flow in us. Give vent to the flow!
Another commentary puts it this way; “The divine powers that flow into us, having this for its measure: “the weight of His glory”. Heaven is a region of light, it is filled with the radiance of Him whose light streams through it and envelopes all the children of the light who live and walk in it’s luster. The knowledge of God is His character, will and dispensations. This knowledge is the purest and loftiest of human acquisitions. The more we know of His tenderness and majesty, the more conversant we are with His Divine procedure, either as we find Him in creation, or meet Him in providence; the deeper the experience we have of the might of His arm and sympathy of His bosom in redemption, the more will the spirit confide in Him and the more will it trust and grow spiritually. According to the “might of His glory”. The glory of God possesses a peculiar might and that might is not simply love. If we survey the glory of God in creation, the immensity of its architectural power overwhelms us, or in providence, its exhaustless and versatile energy perplexes us; or in redemption, its moral achievements delight and amaze us. If the spiritual strength given to believers be after the measure of the might of this glory than we have nothing to fear.” (John Eadie commentaries)