Sometimes things in our lives spin out of control. I have not only experienced it personally but been around plenty of people when their world is turned upside down. It catches us unexpectedly sometimes our lifestyles finally catch up with us or life just happens. When revival hit in 1994 the Lord had me stand face to face with my fear of the “worst case scenario”. You see anytime “it hit the fan” I would come unglued. I probably would been found muttering under my breath something about the devil and quoting scripture like it was a magical recipe. Peace wouldn’t have described my life, I was always striving for the ultimate “karma”, ya know when life was all peace and tranquility. Jesus said, Blessed are ye that mourn, for they shall be comforted. When I learned to tap into the Holy Spirit I begin to learn about holy mourning. Not the depressed shouting at the devil, angry at God type of mourning. But we shall be comforted. The valley of tears brings the soul into a paradise of joy. “Your sorrow shall be turned into joy”. John 16:20 They are called the consolations of God which none but God can give. They exceed all other comforts as far as heaven exceeds earth. We can thank the Holy Spirit that brings us this supernatural comfort.
We can receive comfort when we meditate on the promises of God. He helps us apply the promises to ourselves and we learn to draw “water from the wells of salvation”. For some time I called my bed the “oxygen tent” when difficult times came my way and I would pile books all around me searching for answers. Thomas Watson says, “we are like dead children that lie at the breast, till the Spirit helps us to suck the breast of a promise, and when the Spirit has taught faith this art, now comfort flows in. O how sweet is the breast-milk of a promise!”
His comfort can come immediately for “he sheds his love abroad in our hearts.” (Rom.5:5) Watson goes on to say, “the Spirit will secretly whisper pardon for sin, and the sight of a pardon dilates the heart with joy.” You see the comfort from the Spirit is real for He cannot tell us that is untrue. Many meaningful people try to bring comfort to us but it tends to evaporate right before our eyes and their doesn’t abide with us. The Holy Spirit seals us which brings conformation that is firm and unquestionable. Again Watson says, “So sweet are these comforts of the Spirit that they do much abate and moderate our joy in worldly things. He who has been drinking the cordials of the Spirit, will not thirst immoderately after secular delights.” The comfort God gives us is holy for they are called “the comfort of the Holy Ghost”. (Acts 9:31)
Whatever you are facing or will be….the Holy Spirit is amply more than able to bring a supernatural soothing comfort in the midst of your storm. Let him meet you today!