MERRY MONDAY- Parris Bailey

“Wherefore I say unto thee, Her sins, which are many, are forgiven; for she loved much: but to whom little is forgiven, the same loveth little. And he said unto her, Thy sins are forgiven.” Luke 7:47-48

What a contrast between the Pharisee Simon and the sinner women. I shudder to think that I have become Simon at times. When Jesus shows up, which He does, do I stop and appreciate all He has done or do I come with my list of orders? I can see Simon all excited that Jesus has come to his house. Who can he impress? Did he invite “all the special people”? Let’s see what rabbit Jesus will pull out of his hat. In the middle of Simon’s preparations, he forgot to have a “bouncer” at the door and in walks this sinner women. (maybe she wasn’t a stranger to Simon after all?)
When we first started our Homeless ministry years ago, one of the “guys” came up to sit with me on the front row. I still remember cringing when he was standing by me- the smell overwhelmed me and hugging was next on the list. The Lord begin to speak to me about “my behavior”. He told me I better “chill out” and that there was no difference between him and me as far as God was concerned. (After I hugged the guy he asked for money because he had a lice problem….I was mortified!) Today in the offering teaching, my husband Frank had everyone come up to give their offering by the altar. All over the congregation people were coming forward. I saw a homeless man give a few dollars. He loves much because he is forgiven much.
Let’s read Spurgeon’s take on this: “Eyes which were full of adultery, were now founts of repentance; lips which were doors of lascivious speech, now yield holy kisses- the profligate was a penitent, the castaway a new creature. She exhibited the deepest repentance. She wept abundantly. She wept out of no mere sentimentalism, but at the remembrance of her many crimes. Some object to grace in its perpetuity, they struggle against persevering grace, but others like Simon struggle against the bounty of grace. How could such a woman be permitted to draw near to Christ? Grace chose her notwithstanding all their deformities, but with it has cast about them a supernatural beauty, they shall be the wonder and admiration of the universe. Grace saved her, rich grace encouraged her, unbounded grace gave her a divine assurance of forgiveness. Ah throw your souls into the service of Christ, let your heart burn in his presence, and let all your soul belong to Jesus. Serve not your Master as though you were half asleep, do not work with drooping hands and half closed eyes, but wake up the whole of your passions and powers: for such a love as he has shown to you, give the most awakened and quickened love in return.”