Merry Monday. Parris Bailey

And Mary said, “My soul doth magnify The Lord, and my spirit hath rejoiced in God my Saviour”-Luke 1:46-47

When Mary visited Elizabeth it wasn’t long before their faith and joy combined into torrents of joy and the supernatural. One minute they were just two ordinary country girls that changed suddenly into a prophetess and poetess. Everyday we should look for God to show up in our ordinary, transforming it into something spectacular. When Mary encountered the visit from the angel Gabriel she made it personal. She decided to magnify The Lord or make room for him in her life. In fact it as if she said, “my spirit shall dance like David before the ark, I shall leap, spring, bound and rejoice in God my Savior. She was answering back that “the seed of the woman shall bruise the serpent’s head.” Will you embrace the divine purpose? Human will meets with the divine will and something supernatural always happens. The question is “will we surrender to the song God wants to sing over us? I am sure Elizabeth had “all kind of plans for her “little Johnny”- maybe he would be the best disc thrower or become a priest like his father. Instead he ate locusts and honey and grew dreads! When God comes near, our whole perspective can change. Mary faced a choice that day to either embrace what lay before her or run and deny the chance for God to overshadow her. All of us are faced with these same choices. Gabriel also made an unexpected visit to the priest Zachariah and he was struck dumb because he didn’t embrace the future that his wife would conceive and bare John the Baptist. Many of us find it hard to embrace or even believe that God has a remarkable plan for us. We have spent most of our lives shutting down so we perpetually continue on the same path. We too can be like Zachariah getting another chance to believe and when his son is born, his mouth speaks nothing but praise! The missing link in most of our lives is just that we never have had a SUPERNATURAL ENCOUNTER with God so we live from day to day in disappointment, heart ache, and hopelessness. As in Mary, he always wants to stomp on the serpent’s head in our lives.
There is nothing like forgiveness, love and joy in the Holy Spirit. Like Mary, we simply cannot contain the gratitude we feel when God shows up in our storm. Are you willing to open wide and “let the King of Glory” come in? He always had a plan, maybe looking at the baby in the manger that Christmas morning didn’t reveal much, but if you MAKE IT PERSONAL and begin to ponder the things in your heart, you just never know, it just might end up being a GAME CHANGER. I pray you too will give vent to the song!