Frank has been teaching on the book of Revelation for the mid-week service for a few weeks now. You cannot but think about the future and what’s in store. I got stuck on this scripture and decided to do some further study. Christianity is a constant journey of following the LAMB OF GOD. Have I put him in my quest? Is He my aim and ultimate goal in life or is He just an after thought? Like the genie that I rub to come and then go back into bottle. The Revival Bible says “we are to be moved through the Spirit of God not to set for Him limits of goal, time, or measure, but in all things to diligently pay attention to His IMPULSE and INSPIRATION. (CONRAD GREBEL) Have I felt HIS PRESENCE LATELY? Learning to get quiet enough to follow the Lamb as in the Song of Solomon when she asks- “Can you tell me where he feeds at Noonday?”
This reminds me of of the scripture that says to “drink thou waters out of thine own cistern, and be thou always ravished with his love.” Who is our Lord, thy husband, thy hope, thy joy, thine all!
As today is LUNDI GRAS we cannot help to think about what Spurgeon says when he says,
“Are you afraid to hear the midnight cry? Happy are those souls who live habitually with Jesus, who have given themselves up completely to the power of his indwelling Spirit – who follow the Lamb whithersoever he goeth. “They shall walk with him in white for they are worthy.” Wise are they who live habitually beneath the influence of the Second Advent, looking for and hasting unto the coming of the Son of God. We would have our window opened towards Jerusalem; we would sit as upon our watch-tower whole nights; we would be ready girt to go out of this Egypt at a moment’s warning. We would be of that host of God who shall go out harnessed, in the time appointed, when the signal is given. God grant us grace to be found in that number in the day of his appearing; but, “Let us not sleep, as do others.” I might say, let us not sleep as we have done ourselves. God forgive us and arouse us from this good hour.”
My encouragement to you is that the LORD IS OUR SHEPHERD and he goes before us! He leads us to drink of Him always and out of our thirst WE WILL FOLLOW HIM ALL OUR DAYS! I close with this Spurgeon comment- “The education which the Lord provides is complete in all its branches, mind, and life, and heart are all under the divine tuition. This is no pauper school, or merely preparatory seminary: the text describes a high school of holiness, a grammar school of grace, a University of holiness. In this place of sacred instruction you may take high degrees if you will, and become teachers of others also. He who forgave you provides for you everything that you can need to make you a disciple indeed, a learner who in the ages to come shall make known to angels and principalities and powers the manifold wisdom of God. Who would not be a scholar in such a University as this?”