“But ye have an unction from the Holy Ghost, and ye know all things.” 1 John 2:20

The Apostle John used the word UNCTION to describe the work of the Holy Spirit outpouring and anointing over our lives. The expression describes one pouring oil on the head of someone as an act of consecration or being placed into a particular office. The example in the Old Testament of course was David, when he was being chosen by Samuel to be King. Oil was a symbol of being set apart. As a Christian we move from the symbolic and instead of oil, something indeed is impressed upon our hearts–the Holy Spirit Himself pours himself upon us. When the Holy Spirit comes, power will be given to us and that we will “know all things”. We all know something amazingly supernatural happens when we are born again. But when we are filled with the Holy Spirit again and again, we will begin to “see into the unseen world”. Many of us have not continued to tap into this power of God. Yes, we become born again, and yes maybe we say “Sha Na Na” a few times on a Sunday, but live out our Christian lives defeated, worn down with the cares of this world. To the church of Laodicea, they were to “anoint their eyes with eye-salve that they may see”. This church was in a state of extraordinary decline being described as neither cold nor hot. Almost as if their eyes had bandages on them and needed healing. The Holy Spirit comes into our lives to rip off those bandages of hurt, pain, unbelief and bitterness of spirit. He helps us see through the eyes of the Spirit. Trials and sufferings—the storms of life through the UNCTION of the Spirit causes us to “fly with the wings of the eagle and mount up”. He exercises through us the fruit of His spirit giving us long-suffering, grace, faith, hope, joy and gentleness to cause us to be “more than conquerors”. The test of life comes with sweetness and he gives us the energy to “run through a troop and leap over a wall”. If you allow this UNCTION to do its work in you, one will find that your character begins to change into a holy desire to please him. Your prayer life changes into a worship experience desiring his presence even more, in fact all your energy pours out into your spirit, soul, and body. The natural man knows “not the things of the Spirit” but we can know God and His world. We begin a life long search into these precious promises.
“A traveler with imperfect vision is passing through a landscape, charming with forest and field; bright glancing streams are gliding through orchards and meadows, sweet with bloom and verdure; fair human homes are here and there dotting the landscape, and the cattle are browsing knee-deep in the lush grass; but the dim-eyed traveler sees nothing, and his heart receives no pleasure from all this wealth of beauty. That unction of the Spirit which would enable the weak-eyed saint to see the things of Christ as they really are would be an inestimable blessing.” C Vaughan