“And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter” John 14:16

I think we all can agree that there is a lot of people in the world that are suffering. Be it suffering in their body, the loss of a loved one, living in extreme poverty or being persecuted for righteousness sake, pain hits everyone. I believe when Jesus said, “I will not leave you comfortless, but send another Helper that He really meant it. The question is have we allowed the Holy Spirit to take this burden and carry us through? After all He is the universal Helper that is called by our side to help us in all of our emergencies in our life and work. He will take us to the other side of the storm! The Holy Spirit’s ultimate purpose is to carry out the “pledge to the believer” to deliver us from sin, to purify our hearts, and infuse holiness of the highest kind so much that He seals, anoints, leads, intercedes for us while being the unction and the witness! We really don’t realize how valuable He is in our Christian walk! Above all else he loves to comfort us in all our tribulations for He becomes the “will and the do”.
C.R. Vaughan says, “The promises of the covenant cover all the emergencies in the career of a saint. There are pledges of grace for life and for death, for the time of joy and the time of sorrow, for supplies suited to the day, for guidance for control, for needed aid, for every contingency. The Spirit comforts us by unveiling the love of the Son, that infinite and unwasting fountain. The Spirit teaches us about the love of the Father. All our dark and troubled apprehensions of him as the offended King and Lawgiver and Disposer of events, give way to the loving confidence whereby we are able to say ABBA FATHER! The Spirit teaches us that He delights in his work, his infinite sweet complacency in holding up the fort. He delights to be trusted, He delights to be appealed to, He delights to put forth his mighty hand when the cry of the tried soul comes up to Him for help, He delights to infuse His might into the weak human arm and enable it to drive the evil back. Who can measure the unsearchable riches of the love of the Spirit?”
We can either button up “our spiritual overcoat” so to speak and forge on relying on our own abilities, or we can begin to understand the office of the Holy Spirit. He can cause the breakthrough that you have been seeking. He can fight your battles as you through the Spirit see that He shall be in you! You are not alone and He understands what you are facing. There is enough anger, hurt, and misunderstanding in this world to fill all the oceans. Why not let the Holy Spirit do His thing?