“For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse.”
Rom. 1:20

This last week I was able to visit my mom who lives up in the Smokey Mountains. She lives up at 4200 elevation and from her house one can see Mt Pisgah on a clear day. It is not uncommon to see a bear, elk or even a groundhog climbing up a tree like I just saw. Every year I try to go during blackberry season so my mum can make her famous blackberry cobbler. I have been walking her mountain roads for over twenty years. Even now my grandkids can’t wait to go up there to do the same. Why do millions of visitors travel up there, along with so many other people to see natural beauty? Because the glory of God speaks to us, almost as if He is yelling out to us! I believe that the sky, stars, oceans, animals and mountains know that soon now Jesus will plant His Brazen feet back here once again. Each one of them have been doing things that are unusual. I can only pray that I stay “INTUNE” with His voice. One would have to be deaf not to hear, see, breathe and feel His beauty. Barnes said, “Being understood, His perfections may be investigated, and comprehended by means of his works. They are the evidences submitted to our intellects, by which we may arrive at the true knowledge of God.”
All this beauty is “not the parent” but is the “interpreter of our faith in God”. All the inner and outer revelation of God serve to compliment each other. What will you interpret today when you walk out into your world? Sometimes our lifestyle alone makes it extremely hard for God to get our attention and by the time we do hear Him he is yelling! haha—I pray you will open your hearts wide for our God is loud. His voice is the sound of many waters. Let me speak words of hope and life today. Whatever you may be facing allow Him to show you His bigness. Allow yourself to be wrapped up in His love. The storm clouds can fade away when Christ steps in your life. Matthew Poole said, “The invisible things of him: his being and his attributes, particularly his eternity and almighty power; to which we might add, his wisdom, goodness, &c. These, though invisible in themselves, yet are discernible by his works, and that ever since the creation of the world. By what they see created, they may easily collect or understand, that there is an eternal and almighty Creator.” Let the almighty creator speak to you today, he desires to color your world that might be drab dreary and dreadful.Creation calls!