“So take a new grip with your tired hands and strengthen your week knees.” HEB 12:12

Recently, I literally woke up to horrible pain. After a series of doctor visits, emergency room, Chiro’s and physical therapists the MRI showed a herniated disk pressing on the sciatica nerve causing all sorts of havoc with my leg. Ouch! All walking, kayaking, biking-well everything had to be shelved. For someone that lived to go outside it became a hard pill to swallow. Lots of crying and learning how to deal with pain  was a challenge to the say the least. Psalm 40 became my verse of meditation as I waited for the new song to spring up. Seeing the situation wasn’t going away I decided to hang curtains and decorate my little dungeon. On top of the everyday pain, more storms blew in to deal with. Deep inside I knew the Lord would come and I wanted to be ready. Repentance, hurling myself on the mercy of God is so good for the soul. I used this dungeon time to make sure a root of bitterness didn’t spring up. In order to make things lighten up I would compare myself to  ” a sack of potatoes”. Just roll around really not doing much. PARALYZED!  God had my attention. This verse describes someone that Gill said; “Was from weariness and exhaustion. Renew your courage; make a new effort to bear them. The hands fall by the side when we are exhausted with toil, or worn down by disease. And the feeble knees – The knees also become enfeebled by long effort, and tremble as if their strength were gone. They were to make every effort to bear up under their trials. The hope of victory will do much to strengthen one almost exhausted in battle; the desire to reach home invigorates the frame of the weary traveler. So it is with the Christian. In persecution, and sickness, and bereavement, he may be ready to sink under his burdens. The hands fall, and the knees tremble, and the heart sinks within us. But confidence in God, and the hope of heaven, and the assurance that all this is for our good, will reinvigorate the enfeebled frame, and enable us to bear what we once supposed would crush us to the dust. A courageous mind braces a feeble body, and hope makes it fresh for new conflicts.”

You too might find yourself in a incredible dungeon. God promises to meet us down there. There is no time table with God. We have a mighty covenant that says  “The LORD will vindicate His people and relent concerning His servants when he sees their strength is gone and no one is left, slave or free.” Deut. 32:36 LIFT UP YOUR HEADS! The King of Glory will show up!