Merry Monday by Parris Bailey

Ps.56:8 “Thou tellest my wanderings: put thou my tears into thy bottle: are they not in thy book?”

A few years ago I saw myself standing outside the door of this huge great room filled with books. It was one of those rooms that was filled with heavy wood paneling and books as far as the eyes can see. I realized in my spirit that the door was always open but for some reason I never had opened it. Inside I saw three people sitting at a table and I knew them to be the TRINITY. I found myself walking in and them bidding me to come to them at the table. When seated, the three of them pulled out these huge scrolls spreading them out all over the table. I again realized in my spirit that the scrolls represented my life. At first I became very hesitant but the presence at the table was so peaceful and calming that I knew whatever was in those scrolls it would be ok. The vision closed with the four of us talking and laughing over my life. Leeland wrote this song that also seems identical to what I experienced. It goes like this:

Who was I, where was I going?
What kind of fruit,
Were my actions growing?
Staring at the pages
He’ll be staring at the pages, Of my life.
Was my passion just to know Him?
Did I really let it out and showed Him?
Staring at the pages
He’ll be staring at the pages, Of my life.”

Gill said, “Thou tellest my wanderings,…. the days of his pilgrimage and sojourning in this world: the number of our days, and months and years, in which we wander about in this uncertain state of things, is with the Lord. God will take notice of David’s afflictions and troubles, which had caused so many tears, and remember them, and deliver him out of them: these being desired to be put into a bottle was, that they might be kept and reserved. There is no comparison nor proportion between the sufferings of the saints and the glory that shall be revealed in them; though there is a connection of grace through the promise of God between them: but rather, that they might be brought forth another day and shown. They are in his book of purposes; they are all appointed by him, their kind and nature, their measure and duration, their quality and quantity; what they shall be, and how long they shall last; and their end and use: and they are in his book of providence, and are all overruled and caused to work for their good; and they are in the book of his remembrance; they are taken notice of and numbered by him, and shall be finished; they shall not exceed their bounds. These tears will be turned into joy, and God will wipe them all away from the eyes of his people.”