“There is a river whose streams make glad the city of God” Psalm 46:4


Years ago, in fact about 21 years ago, I came across this scripture in Psalms and began to experience a unusual supply of His presence in my life and in my church. For the first time in my life I realized that I had put myself on a ridiculous treadmill of performance, excellence and shear willpower. I never imagined the divine supply and refreshment of God that could come unto my life once I repented of my works of the flesh. He restored the years that the cankerworm, so to speak, had eaten from my life. People literally walked up to me and said that I looked twenty years younger. Something so special, so intimate happened to me that I’m still not able to comprehend nor put into words. This scripture has so much meaning. Have you found yourself weary and beaten down by how your life has turned out? Maybe you are successful and everyone around you sees your importance but has it flowed out from the river of God?  God doesn’t measure our success by our measurements. How’s it working for you? I pray that you, like me, would get arrested and taken down into the river!

There is a river that you can drink from and live by all the days of your life. It will sustain you in the toughest times. John in the book of Revelation saw a “pure River of water of life clear as crystal proceeding from the throne of God” and it brought healing to the nations. He can bring healing and deliverance to you today if you would but open your mouth wide.

Spurgeon said “divine grace is flowing, fertilizing, full and never failing, it yields refreshment and consolation to believers. There is the river of the water of life of which the church above as well as below partakes evermore. It is no boisterous ocean but a placid stream, it is not stayed in its course by earthquakes or crumbling mountains, it flows it serene course without disturbance. Happy they are who know from their own experience that there is such a river.”

Some say the river is symbolic of the Holy Spirit constantly flowing through our lives showing us the attributes of our Heavenly Father and opening up the treasures of the scriptures. Even JESUS on the great day of the feast cried out with a loud voice compelling people to drink from him. Jesus spoke of having a supernatural divine supple supply of joy, healing and strength for the journey. My question is have you spent time drinking of this precious river that He has provided everyday for us? Drink again and keep drinking.