“Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new. And all things are of God, who hath reconciled us to himself by Jesus Christ, and hath given to us the ministry of reconciliation.”
Last week the Louisiana District Council of the Assemblies of God gathered in our building. This is where AG pastors come from all over the state to assemble in meetings, voting, fellowship and praying. The newly elected Superintendent decided to reach out to us and meet in our building and we were so excited! We had spent weeks in preparation and in prayer.  It was told to us that the attendance hadn’t been that large in years and so many pastors came up to Frank and I thanking us for the 36 years we have stayed “at the post”.  It was a great Holy Ghost reunion and Victory was a part of it. The week ended with our last showing of Beyond the Grave with a record attendance and a huge altar call.
During the week we were invited to attend a breakfast with pastors of the largest AG churches in the state. Frank and I were shocked and completely humbled as the Superintendent apologized for the way we have been in his words—“knocked down, beat, squashed and so forth” from our denomination and promised that a new day has begun. Then another pastor basically gave us a prophetic word how airline hwy has been a place where ministries have fallen, and Victory was  placed right between addiction (Budweiser) and idolatry (Saints).  It’s funny how one can think about all the wrong doings and unfairness their whole life. Then when  “THE APOLOGY”  comes are we truly ready to move on?  I don’t want all my difficulties, rejection and set backs to define me. The above verse stresses a continual new life in Christ. He turns the bitter into sweet. What devils are you fighting this MONDAY? Listen to Gill as he shares on this scripture.

“Something new is implanted into the soul, which never was there before. It is not a working upon, and improvement of the old principles of nature, but an implantation of new principles of grace and holiness, here is a new heart and a new spirit and in them new light and life, new affections and desires, new delights and joys, here are new eyes to see with, new ears to hear with, new feet to walk, and new hands to work and act with. Old things are passed away, the course of living, the old way of serving God, the legal righteousness, old companions and acquaintance are dropped, and all external things as riches, honors, learning, knowledge are relinquished. Because all thing s are new, there is a new course of life both of faith and holiness, a new way of serving God through Christ by the Spirit.” Gill