As I write this, I stay amazed at the grace of God over these 42 years. The testimonies are astounding! We now have Mary’s Song graduates attending our church, working for us, going back to college, returning to their families, and getting married to folks in our church. We have worked hard to create a community and support system so that the girls feel a part of the family. Again, by the grace of God and the support of others we are able to continue. In March of this year another dream was fulfilled, located in the same building where we launched Mary’s Song we opened our very own men’s restoration center. The 180 Men’s Restoration Center directors are Don and Mary Bryant; they are long time members of Victory Fellowship and for the past 20 years served on the mission field in Africa. They just moved home and were wondering what their next step was when I gave them a call (funny how God works). I am so thankful for people with servant hearts! We now have 7 men at the center, and we are so excited to see the work of God already happening in their lives! Part of the 180 Men’s Center job will be to help with the maintenance at Victory. Seeing we have 18 acres, many gardens and buildings to upkeep, they should stay pretty busy. The Mary’s Song ladies attend to the cleaning in each of our campus buildings. Our goal is to build healthy work ethics and that the students would see benefits of their labor. The students spend half a day in bible studies, prayer and worship, and the other half working for the church. This is how I was able provide a salary for the directors of the programs. There is nothing like watching people transform as they hear the good news of redemption. Our third phase (transition house) is full of girls who have been reunited with their children, working towards a degree, or working jobs. At the moment, Mary’s Song is full to capacity! We are sold to the message of Christ! I’ve been meditating on the story of Ruth in the Bible. She left all and found a new life altogether. In other words, she learned to leave behind something not worth keeping. Matthew Henry said, “God wisely orders small events; and many a great affair is brought about by a little turn, which seemed fortuitous to us, but was directed by Providence with design.” When we learn to step out and leave the things not worth keeping God meets us right where we are. Despite what we might think we are losing, there is a mighty God who more than enough supplies all that we could ask or think. God is a God of restoration! I am thankful to be able to stand back and allow Him to do his work among them. We are just vessels that left something behind, that really wasn’t worth keeping. I pray for you that you too will meet this mighty Savior!