“But the God of all grace, who hath called us unto his eternal glory by Christ Jesus, after that ye have suffered a while, make you perfect, establish, strengthen, settle you.” I Peter 5:10
One of the greatest revelations I received was knowing that God is more for me than me! If one could allow themselves to really think about the work of the Trinity and how each of them impact our lives it will blow your mind. To put it simply-“they are on it”! What an “awakening” of a lifetime for me, knowing “Christ will finish the work he started”. From that revelation, I could begin to rest in the finished work of redemption and allow the work of the Holy Spirit to sanctify, perfect and establish me all through my life. I am not some lonely star out in the huge galaxy of mankind bumping and drifting along. These words always give me comfort and courage to face my tomorrows.

I love this by Andrew Murray, ”I will tell you where you probably fail,” he wrote. “You have never yet heartily believed that He [God] is working out your salvation. Of course you believe that if painter undertakes a picture, he must look to every shade and color and every touch upon the canvas…But you do not believe that the everlasting God is in the process of working out the image of His Son in you. As any sister here is doing a piece of ornamental or fancy work, following out the pattern in every detail, let her just think: ‘Can God not work out in me the purpose of His love?’ If that piece of work is to be perfect, every stitch must be in its place. So remember that not one minute of your life should be without God. We often want God to come in at a certain time, say in the morning. Then we are content to live two or three hours on our own, and then he can come in again. No! God must be every moment the worker in your soul.”

“May he teach us our own nothingness and transform us into the image of His Son and help us to go out to be a blessing to our fellow men. Let us trust Him and praise Him in the midst of a consciousness of failure and of a remaining tendency to sin. Notwithstanding this, let us believe that our God loves to dwell in us, and let us hope without ceasing in His still more abundant grace.”

There is nothing better than to allow God to work the work in you! To cease from striving and understand that His will is the best ever! Finding joy in just Him is finding the hidden treasure at last. Christ has laid the foundation and we are hidden in the cleft of the rock. I always say to myself, there has certainly been a lot of effort made on my behalf for me to finish the race. Allow yourself to “see” the bigger picture. I pray you too will have an “awakening”!