“These wait upon thee, that thou mayest give them their meat in due season. That thou give unto them, they gather: Thou open thine hand, they are satisfied with good.” Ps.104-27-28
A lot of us start the new year off with a new Bible reading plan. I hope you too will do the same! My plan starts with the book of Genesis, since its the book of beginnings. Sometimes I put on the “The Word of Promise” dramatized version and let it play while I work or drive. Genesis and the book of Revelation seem to come to life when the “drama” has been added! Who cannot read Genesis and say, what a creation! What a world in which we live in! From the creatures of the deep to birds and our precious animals. Everywhere God was, there is life. I love this psalm because it’s speaks about creation waiting upon God for supply.

There has been so many seasons in my life, that I can literally close my eyes and “go back” to all the places I have been able to travel and see the glory of creation. And yes, I can even still feel his presence looming over the backdrop of his beauty. From the African safaris, to New Zealand coastlines and their greenery, to the rice paddies of Korea, or just sitting in my backyard overlooking the Bogue Falaya River-I hear God singing and creation waiting for their “meat in due season”. Murray says, “The whole creation is ruled by the one unalterable law of “waiting upon God”. When we lived out in Destrehan, I used to walk the golf course early in the morning with my two labs and again, I can still remember the presence of the Lord with me while I walked. Can you feel His sweetness today, his gentle voice luring you to his secret gardens?

He goes on to to say, “the one object for which God gave life to creatures was that in them He might prove and show forth His wisdom, power, and goodness, His being each moment in their life and happiness, and pouring forth unto them, according to their capacity, THE RICHES OF HIS GOODNESS AND POWER.” I really think he waits for “our capacity” to enlarge so we can contain more of his love, glory, power, goodness to overflow through us. Our next move and only move is- “MY soul wait upon God”! I believe it is one long continual wait- not a waiting of aggravation, not a waiting of anxiousness, but of a deep yearning for him to come again and “walk into his garden so that our spices may flow”.

Can you remember when? Can you close your eyes and still feel His presence in the places he has meet you in the past? So many of us remember our first date, or when our spouses proposed, but do we experience a daily sweetness that takes our breath away? Do we “gather” around our creator and wait for his manna for today? It’s in the waiting that we find rest, joy and strength and the supply of our every need.