Jesus loved to speak in parables. He spoke of pearls and hidden treasures. He spoke of merchants and lost coins. I think we have hidden treasures all around us waiting for us to be curious enough to dig for them. They lays deep within our past life and present. So many really can’t see the future because they never find the true meaning of their past. We seem to be so caught up with the broken parts of our lives we fail to find the key that will unlock us and set us free. I remember I embarked on that amazing journey at the sweet age of 16, or really God stepped into my world and gave me the thirst to find my treasure. I do find it is a never ending journey of joy unspeakable and yes full of surprises. Some not so good but nevertheless causing me to do some “field searching”. The apostle Paul spoke of ever reaching ever stretching ever apprehending that love that enveloped him forever. This journey of life causes us to cast a continual gaze of our heart upon God himself. And you will surely find Him looking back down on you—eyes wide open.
Tozer said, “Once I should have considered such thoughts to be mere metaphysical bric-a-brac without practical meaning. Failure to get a right viewpoint in the beginning of our Christian lives may result in weakness and sterility for the rest of our days. May not the inadequacy of much of our spiritual experience be traced back to our habit of skipping through the corridors of the Kingdom like children through the marketplace, chattering about everything, but pausing to learn the true value of nothing?”
Learning to allow yourself to contemplate the things of God and acquire a taste for Him becomes our supernatural quest. Acquire is the word I would use because we certainly aren’t borne with a taste for Christ at all. Is Christ the object of our eternal vision? Is He our one source of delight? Do we study His attributes, his works, His gifts, His love to us, and His glory in all His purposes, and in all His actions? In the new year can we make it a theme which will be ever new? Do you find yourself asking why we let such silly pettiness get the best of us? He promised us we would see “the King in his beauty”. Jesus said He came to give us abundant life—what is it pray tell that keeps you from this abundance? I pray that you too have “seen God”. Go ahead look up and all around, He has been waiting for you- He never took his eyes off of you. It was all the other distractions, the other stimulants that got your attention. Step away from the chatter—you just might find the key that unlocks your tomorrows.