MERRY MONDAY BY PARRIS- Aijeleth Shahar -The Hind of the Morning Psalm 22

It is not uncommon to see shadows of deer in the early morning when we walk our dogs, especially of late after the time change. They are up already searching for food. When I start my daily walks along the river, I search out all the possible places they might be. Seeing them in the morning dawn reminds me that God is up at it again, replenishing the earth with His goodness. Whatever happened in the “night seasons” can be washed away with the dawning of a new day. Christ’s Resurrection brings such hope that dispels any fear of yesterday. Today, I pray you can breathe again, stretch your faith again, and allow the Holy Spirit to bring invigoration to your spirit. Shake it off my friend, we have a friend that is more faithful than a brother or earthly companion.

One commentary suggests that the “Aijaleth Shahar” is the emblem of loveliness and innocence as in the Song of Solomon. This Psalm talks prophetically of when Jesus was on the cross and is crying out to His father yet knows His suffering is producing a greater purpose. He becomes the “hind of the morning” for the future of the church. Listen to this commentary- “Fenwick thinks that the title of this psalm should be rendered, the strength of the morning; and that it relates to Christ, as being the bright morning-star, or, day-spring from on high, as he is called, Luke 1:78. Him, the dew of whose birth is of the womb of the morning: The title therefore, says he, leads us to observe and contemplate in this psalm, the depth of that love and condescension which made the Son of God humble himself in the way here described, and even to the death of the cross, though he be the bright morning-star, and the day-spring from on high. (COOKE)

Did you wake up “one the wrong side of the bed this morning”? Allow Christ and his victories to carry your burdens. Each new day comes with fresh promises of provision, protection and His presence. A church was born in the hearts of just a few of His disciples a few weeks following the resurrection.

Let the Ailjeleth Shahar guide you today in this mornings strength. “The way of the righteous is like the first gleam of dawn, which shines ever brighter until the full light of day.” Proverbs 4:18