Turn away thine eyes from me, for they have overcome me.

Song of Solomon 6:5
I am not sure any of us will ever comprehend the love of Christ for His church. The world can fight and pull its hair out but Christ will never take His eyes off His Bride. Her eyes have made a conquest of His heart and Christ condescends Himself with grace to allow Himself to be overpowered by the faith and love of His people. The faith and love that He puts in us! We have such a limited view of our redemption!

Christ takes pride as well as pleasure in His church; He clothes us with beauty and adorns us with grace. He has given us “faith that overcomes the world”. Song of Sol 8:6 says His ”love is strong as death, and jealousy is cruel as the grave”.

Spurgeon calls it “the language of the Heavenly Bridegroom” to His spouse and goes on to say, “In great condescension, He speaks to her, and bids her take note that her eyes have overcome Him. The Heavenly Bridegroom confesses Himself to be overcome by the very look of the eyes of His spouse; she has but to gaze steadily upon Him, and His heart is vanquished by the glances of her eyes. He loves his bride far too well to allow any division of feeling to separate them in heart from one another. It is because He loves us so much that He permits our prayers to conquer Him; it is not so much because we love Him as because He loves us, that He permits the look of our eyes to overcome His heart.”

If we go back through time and look through Christ looking glass, we know in ages past that Christ’s delights were with the sons of men. The Apostle Paul called it the mystery of the Godhead that He should not only become man but redeem us! Oh He can’t take His eyes off of us! Where do your eyes find sight today? In the political unrest of yet another election? The decreasing bank account or your ill news of your health? Christ bids us to look beyond these earthly entrapments and gaze into His eyes. He speaks His heavenly language all around us insuring us of His love and commitment to us as our husband. When we give vent to His voice we are change into the heavenly image of His sacred church.

People laugh when I show them my wedding dress. All it was is a muslin sheet with a hole cut out, and the sides sewed up. But when I hold it, it speaks of a new love that Christ gave me on my wedding day. He was overcome by my eyes! He put something so amazing, so beautiful in me that I am forever caught, bought and captured. His language is all around me swallowing me up on a daily basis. Sometimes my deafness overtakes me, but He comes and reminds me again of his love for me. JUST ONE LOOK!
“Fashioned from the very fabric of God

At the start of time, set free to decide

I will love You, You’re the One who loved me first

Just one look from Your eye, I’m captivated by

The eyes of the Lover, the eyes of the Lover”

Misty Edwards