“And Jacob awaked out of his sleep, and he said, Surely the LORD is in this place; and I knew it not” Gen. 28:16
I didn’t realize what was happening to me when it was happening. It would be years later while filled with His presence, He began to piece together the God moments in my life. Never would I have seen such a beautiful tapestry, if He hadn’t opened by eyes. Thank God He did, for I was once blind and now I so see!

Jacob while running away from his brother Esau, almost missed his moment. Thank God he woke up and realized God was in the place! Jacob saw that beautiful ladder going up and down to heaven. He called it Bethel which meant House of God. How many Bethels have you had? Are you just bumping through life, with everyday a repeat of yesterday. God is all around you my brother, my sister. He is whispering through the trees, laughing with you as the birds sing overhead. Yes, Christ is all around but we need ears to hear and eyes to see. May God sensitize us to the eternal moment.

McClaren commentary says, “It does us good to have this vision of the eternal realities blazing in upon us, even if it seems to glare at us, rather than to shine with lambent light. The seen is but a thin veil of the unseen. Earth, which we are too apt to make a workshop, or a mere garden of pleasure, is a Bethel,-a house of God. Everywhere the ladder stands; everywhere the angels go up and down; everywhere the Face looks from the top. Nothing will save life from becoming, sooner or later, trivial, monotonous, and infinitely wearisome, but the continual vision of the present God, and the continual experience of the swift ascent and descent of our aspirations and His blessings.”

The ladder has been there throughout your whole life and is everywhere present. Our steadfast gaze follows each step up the ladder peering into his glory while he on the other hand comes down the steps to redeem mankind.

Surely the Lord is in this place and I knew it not! Don’t miss “the moment” my friend. It really isn’t about this earth and its clattering. Jacob was changed from being a fugitive into a shepherd. He partnered with God and every foothold became a Bethel to him. Yes, I believe Jacob looked for the ladder over and over again. No more dreary and commonplace days but one of constant breakthrough and joy unspeakable.

When we live discovering our Bethel moments -life becomes an eternal moment.