And when he saw that he prevailed not against him, he touched the hollow of his thigh; and the hollow of Jacob’s thigh was out of joint, as he wrestled with him.” Gen. 32:25
God has a way of getting our attention. All through the Bible we could read accounts of men and women being stopped dead in their tracks. Jacob is one of them. Jacob was just about to “fall right into it” when he was met with an angel in the dark of night. Jacob always managed to get himself out of some sticky circumstances. Jacob always had it all figured out, until he is met with his own weapons. Jacob had a “where were you moment”. It was God who came and laid hold of Jacob to prevent him from entering the land in the mindset he was in. He was to be taught through the night as he wrestled with God himself who was the gatekeeper of his life. Self must be beaten out, along with all of our confidence in the flesh. Because your Esau is coming. And will it be the “face of God” or the “devil” that you see?

Kurtz Commentary says, “All along Jacob’s life had been the struggle of a clever and strong, a pertinacious and enduring, a self-confident and self-sufficient person, who was sure of the result only when he helped himself-a contest with God, who wished to break his strength and wisdom, in order to bestow upon him real strength in divine weakness, and real Wisdom in divine folly.” All this self-confidence culminates now, and in one final and sensible struggle, his Jacob-nature, his natural propensity to wrest what he desires and win what he aims at, from the most unwilling opponent, does its very utmost and does it in vain.”

Today in service, as I worshipped I saw Christ among us. But instead Christ the person, I saw my brothers and sisters and they were Christ. I wept because it has taken me so long to see “the face of God around me”. It’s easy to envision gentle Jesus all around us but try seeing him in your family or co-worker that you work with everyday? I pray the angel that dislocates will visit you and when the battle comes in the night, yield to the face of God. Let him spiritually dislocate you in your place of strength. When He walks into the room everything changes and you even realize every face you see in your tomorrows will be His face.