“And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God and saying:

Glory to God in the highest, And on earth peace, goodwill toward men!” Luke 2:10–14

There is one thing certain that on Dec. 25th all the nation will shutter its doors, families will be gathered together to celebrate the birth of Christ. (Whether they know it or not) Young and old, races of all kinds and cultures celebrate in some form the meaning of the Christ child. The Gospel reaches out to all! I love this quote from Lange Commentary.

“No longer within the secret shrine, but out in the open field, the symbol of the Divine Presence glowed through the darkness; for that birth hallowed common life, and brought the glory of God into familiar intercourse with its secularities and smallnesses. The appearance to these humble men as they ‘sat simply chatting in a rustic row ‘symbolized the destination of the Gospel for all ranks and classes.”

The Gospel comes across the differences and brings the peace from another kingdom. The angels put on quite a production to get their point across to the common shepherd. Spurgeon spoke of this; “And notice how well they told the story, and surely you will love them! Not with the stammering tongue of one who tells a tale in which he has no interest; nor even with the feigned interest of a man that would move the passions of others, when he feels no emotion himself; but with joy and gladness, such as angels can only know. They sang the story out, for they could not stop to tell it in heavy prose. I think they sang it with gladness in their eyes; with their hearts burning with love, and with breasts as full of joy as if the good news to man had been good news to themselves.” Spurgeon

WONDER by Parris Bailey
Something beautiful, surprised by the unexpected

The Wise Men were caught by the shine

It’s brilliance told a story that changed their course

Shepherds marveled something so unfamiliar

Heaven splendor meeting earth obscurity

Angels singing celebration- ASTONISHED!
Innkeeper unprepared, sleepy town unawakened

As the Lamb lay still in a manger,

Wonder shines on faces all around,

Amazement at the Father’s plan-REDEMPTION!
Great God to be infant babe, God in a mother’s womb

The founder of the world rocked in a cradle

Almighty Jehovah became weak

Swayer of the world swathed in infant bands

He that ruled the stars to suck nipple

The Earth at Christ’s nativity-WONDERED
I pray you too will be captivated by the simple message Christ’s peace, Christ’s love and His joy.