“For the kingdom of God is not eating and drinking, but righteousness, and peace, and joy in [the] Holy Spirit” Rom. 14:17
What a lot of ruckus with the election and the “peaceful transfer of power”! Goodness gracious it does make one want to learn more of our nation, its issues and just exactly WHAT DO I BELIEVE. The Apostle Paul lived in such a time himself and he warns us not to get to caught up in the world’s kingdom but stay in righteous favor with God and continue to have joy in the Holy Spirit. While we don’t go bury our head in the sand but we do continue with God’s plan for our lives. It is an exciting time to be alive, but I have felt like this since I received the Lord in the seventies. At that time there was unrest with the Vietnam War and the President at the time. In the middle of that madness came a tremendous outpouring among the hippies. I feel God is at work among us to be alert and sensitive to His kingdom! Kevin Ott quotes in his book, “Shadowlands and Songs of the Night” says,

“The kingdom of God is often counterintuitive: the more time we spend in the cramped secret place, the greater spaciousness and peace we feel in our spirits.God has an ultimate goal in mind for your time in the secret place: to make Heaven and all its treasures more substantial to you than the world and its fool’s gold. When the reality of Heaven weighs truly on our hearts, we live differently.”

How deep does heaven run in you? God promises when we shut the door He comes close. We can run with the wild crowd in the streets disgruntled or we can shut our doors go into our secret place and God will reward us openly. He is at work among us and since my short life as a Christian it is reassuring to know He hasn’t stopped working His plan on the earth. Don’t run after the fools gold, He has treasures that we know not of yet.

CS Lewis said in the “Great Divorce” said, ‘I got out, I had the sense of being in a larger space, than I had ever known before…which made the solar system itself seem an indoor affair.

Yes, my friends Christ’s kingdom never ends.