“Your prayers and gifts to the poor have come up as a memorial offering before God.”

ACTS 10:4
God never forgets his prayers he puts within us. He needs our voice to utter his promises over the earth. Each season that passes he sends his Rain to water our precious seeds. His word says we plant them into the ground weeping but there will be a time or a season that we will rejoice over the harvest of our prayers. I bet if you close your eyes you can remember specific places in time where you uttered a new prayer over your circumstances or over someone’s life. They became eternal prayers.
“Our prayers don’t die when we do. God answers them forever. You never know when His timeless answer will reenter the atmosphere of our lives, and that should fill us with holy anticipation. Never underestimate His ability to answer anytime, anyplace, anyhow. He has infinite answers to our finite prayers. He can answer them more than once. And He answers them forever.” (Excerpt From: Batterson, Mark. “Draw the Circle.”)
Your mouth can become a huge instrument for the Father speaking life into the next generation. The scriptures you’ve been given are not for naught, they are life and will change this present darkness. His words to us and our prayers back to him are memorials. Eternal prayers that are more far reaching than we could ever imagine.

One of the girls at Marysong recalls a story of her mother attending in the early years here at Victory and during this time her mother died of cancer. The Marysong girl was separated from her mother for years so never really knew she was a Christian, much less that she attended our church. At some point in this girl’s life she tried to take her life and shot herself. Instantly she found herself falling when a hand from heaven grabbed her and pulled her back. Years later she found herself at Marysong and when she walked into the door she felt like “she came home”. I believe her mothers prayers circled her for years and became a memorial. One long eternal prayer from the breath of God. He needed her mothers mouth to utter hope over her daughter while she sat in the hard victory pews weeping over her estranged daughter. He knew the day would come that she would take the gun and take her life. I would love to think Jesus turned to her mother and said, “I got this”, then grabbed her daughter back from the dead places.

So my friend keep circling and keep loosing your mouth to join in heaven’s song. He never forgets nor ever sleeps.