“My bowels, my bowels! I writhe! The walls of my heart! My heart is restless within me, I cannot keep silent, for I hear [in] my inner self the sound of a horn, [the] alarm of war.” Jer. 4:19

Living upon this planet at this moment in time should aways captivate our hearts for more. Why were we born? What is my purpose? Have I gotten caught in the here and now? Do I, or have I surrendered to His will and let things become weightless? Kevin Ott calls it “Inconsolable motion” (the motion that refuses obstinately, passionately, religiously to be comforted or lulled into slowing or stopping. It refuses to settle and fears self-contentment. It’s always straining to see what’s beyond the horizon. Its eyes are “impregnated with distance”.) My friend there is always more that God wants to reveal of himself in us and through us. Not that we try to gain more in this world, we gain more of Christ. We become enlarged in our restlessness.

I have always loved the story of Jesus on the road to Emmaus, where Jesus meets up with some disciples right after his resurrection. After they brake bread together Jesus vanishes and their eyes were open. Did not our heart burn within us…? (Luke 24:32) When the uncomfortable comes knocking, open the door because more than likely he is up to something big. Oswald Chambers says, “We need to learn this secret of the burning heart. Suddenly Jesus appears to us, fires are set ablaze, and we are given wonderful visions; but then we must learn to maintain the secret of the burning heart— a heart that can go through anything. It is the simple, dreary day, with its commonplace duties and people, that smothers the burning heart— unless we have learned the secret of abiding in Jesus.”

Kevin Ott goes onto to say, ‘this humble longing, will take you to something grand. It will grow to massive proportions. You will suddenly want to look along the beam of creation itself, to see the grand tapestry of meaning that encloses on every side and to see how everything in the caused world, from the galaxies beyond the Milky Way to the sea stars in the tide pool, work as point-markers to the Uncaused Someone behind it’.

Lets not get to settled on this side of heaven nor get caught up on the rabble of voices. Become impregnated with God.