“For which is easier to say, Your sins are forgiven you, or to say, Arise and walk?” Luke 5:23
In a world that is falling apart all around us with rebellion and anger against authority being loudly demonstrated without the least embarrassment; forgiveness seems like a bygone era. Even churches are jeered at and many discourage attending what they call “organized religion”. Entitlement, victimizing, and casting blame make huge furrows all around us. But when you “see forgiveness” it leaves its mark upon your soul. Faces of forgiveness speak their voices everyday in my small world. It becomes melodic and sings the song of redemption. Malachi ends with an amazing trumpet at the end of the book with this prophetic shout! “And he shall turn and reconcile the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the hearts of the children to the their fathers”. (Mal.4:6) There is another kingdom my friend, if anyone said it more and demonstrated it, it was Christ Himself. Have you ever seen or felt forgiveness? Seeing forgiveness in another individual makes earth taste like a little of heaven. Seeing forgiveness wrought out in you is one of the highest miracles one can see. Forgiveness looses the bands of lameness and causes us to breathe the fresh air of the Holy Spirit again. Forgiveness causes us to let go and teaches us that it is well with our soul. For me it started years ago when I became pregnant at 14 and my family tore apart soon thereafter. Forgiveness became real again when at Bible School those in authority did bizarre things under the guise of discipleship. Forgiveness took a turn for me, when others forgave me for the very same things I forgave others for. Seeing forgiveness on display makes our world become beautiful. Would you know forgiveness if you saw it? Christ knew we needed His DNA to have this forgiveness gene implanted.

Spurgeon says it clearly: “Let me say here, that full forgiveness of sin, consciously enjoyed, will not only lift an enormous weight from off the soul, but it will breathe into the heart a great joy. When you know that sin is forgiven, you cannot be sad as before. It will make the lame man leap as a hart: he may still be lame, but he will leap as if he were not. And the tongue of the dumb, even though untrained to speech, shall be made to sing concerning free grace and dying love.”

Redemption by the blood of Christ makes forgiveness possible!