“Jesus saith unto her, Mary. She turned herself, and saith unto him, Rabboni; which is to say, Master” John 20:16
Things would not be what they had been. The disciples would be undergoing a drastic DNA when they gather in the upper room. For the next 40 days there would be Christ sightings right under everyone’s noses, still the Jewish nation would pray for their messiah and the Romans would continue their tyranny. Mary too would experience Jesus in a way she never had before. McClaren in his commentary says, “Jesus bids her unclasp her hands, and gently instils the ending of the blessed past by opening to her the superior joys of the begun future. His words contain for us all the very heart of our possible relation to Him, and teach us that we need envy none who companied with Him here. His ascension to the Father is the condition of our truest approach to Him.” Mary’s journey would be the dawning of a new way of faith. Jesus said blessed are those who don’t see yet believe.

I pray you find the Christ of the resurrection. Mary woke up to face her nemesis and didn’t settle when the stone was found rolled away and her Christ had gone. She was looking for the voice she had grown accustomed to and she found it. How do you respond when the night turns dark and the unexpected happens?

If you find that your stone has been rolled away and your Jesus has been taken away, look again. Bishop Gill put it right when he said, “Christ is with, and near his people, and they know it not: Christ, as God, is omnipresent; he is everywhere, and in all places; the spiritual presence of Christ, is more or less, in some way or another, always in all his churches, and among his dear people; but the sight of him is not always alike to them, nor does he appear to them always in the same form; sometimes against them, at least in their apprehensions, nor always in a manner agreeably to their expectations; nor is his grace always discovered in the same way, nor has it the same effect.”

Look again, Christ draws near and He is calling your name! Christ has risen!