“The Kings daughter is all glorious within, her clothing is of wrought gold”

Psalm 45:13
Did you ever see a before and after picture of someone that has accepted Christ? Sometimes the contrast is unbelievable. Redemption has a way of making all things new. The old is gone the new has come. No scientist, doctor, research person can ever understand the work of redemption as it weaves itself in the DNA of man. The effects of sin and the sorrows of yesterday have a way of being erased!

I have had the privilege of seeing redemption up close and personal since I was 16. God working upon the soul of man is a mysterious work indeed. Then in 1994 during the years of revival at our church I saw redemption in a new way. God falling on the weary downcast and depressed Christian who seemed to have lost their way. By the time they came up off the floor being hit by the power of God you could see years of age come off their face. When the king steps into the room everything changes. He makes HOLY ART within us and that is the game changer in our life. When our world is dark how great is the darkness, Jesus said.

Spurgeon says, “Within her secret chambers her glory is great. Though unseen of men her Lord sees her, and commends her. “It doth not yet appear what we shall be.” Truth and wisdom in the hidden parts are what the Lord regards; mere skin-deep beauty is nothing in his eyes. The church is of royal extraction, of imperial dignity, for she is a king’s daughter; and she has been purified and renewed in nature, for she is glorious within. Note the word all. The Bridegroom was said to have all his garments perfumed, and now the bride is all glorious within – entireness and completeness are great points. There is no mixture of ill savor in Jesus, nor shall there be alloy of unholiness in his people, his church shall be presented without spot or wrinkle, or any such thing. “Her clothing is of wrought gold.” Best material and best workmanship. How laboriously did our Lord work out the precious material of his righteousness into a vesture for his people! No embroidery of golden threads can equal that master-piece of holy art. Such clothing becomes one so honored by relationship to the Great King. The Lord looks to it that nothing shall be wanting to the glory and beauty of his bride.”

And you thought you were just saying a little prayer didn’t you? Ahhhhhh redemption we will never come to the end of it.