“And Jesus said, Who touched me? When all denied, Peter and they that were with him said, Master, the multitude throng thee and press thee, and sayest thou, Who touched me?”

Luke 8:45 KJV
What a precious story of one individual lost in the sea of humanity that had an encounter with Jesus. You read of it everyday in the news; the child left in a dumpster, the elderly abandoned in some overcrowded nursing home, the sick wasting away after spending all that they had on empty promises. The suffering are not forgotten in the world in which Christ walks. The storyline may not look like it will end well but even eternity brings sweet bliss to those who meet His touch. Christ looks for those who stretch out their hands when all else fails. His hands grasp ours when we have no life left in us. The child is found, the sick one is visited and the miserable are comforted. He gives a medicine no physician can conjure up, for He is the balm of Giliad. Somewhere, somehow Christ comes and the atmosphere changes. l believe He walks hospital hallways, empty airports, abandoned buildings, refugee camps bringing the antidote needed. He is the remedy for all of mankind pains and the answer to all their questions. Christ’s followers abound through the earth looking for the hurting and they pour out the oil and the wine. Christ always looks to those who touch Him with the touch of pain. His hands are stretched out still, for He ever lives to make intercession on our behalf. He loves to be loved and He knows each and everyone’s make up from what makes us tick to our favorite foods! He created us to need His touch! You are not just some number or a mistake or some nobody drifting through this life on this planet. God saw you as His since the beginning of time and He knows your need.

Who touched me? He is waiting for your need to get so big so that you press through the crowd and finally meet the lover of your soul. When you do touch Him that’s when you start your story!