“Put on therefore, as the elect of God, holy and beloved, bowels of mercies, kindness, humbleness of mind, meekness, longsuffering;”

Col 3:12

Sometimes it is good just to let our minds ponder the things of God. There is so much “fake news” out there, it serves us right to let our minds dwell in the word of God. Our moorings can drift away when we fill up our lives with nothingness. You see, God never sleeps nor slumbers and his thoughts toward us never cease! We are graven upon the palms of his hands and we are ever in His thoughts. ‘His delights were with the sons of men and he was the master workmen in our lives’. Proverbs 8;30-31

He has made us the sheep of his pasture and he lets us go out into green pastures being refreshed daily in shadow of love. He sticks closer than a brother and he sets me as a seal upon his heart. Song 8:6. The Spirit is sent into our lives to comfort teach and guide, the three love us with an unfailing love.
“Particularly,” says Dr. Goodwin,“as in the womb, head and members are not conceived apart, but together, as having relation to each other; so were we and Christ (as making up one mystical body to God) formed together in the eternal womb of election.” We have been given his very nature so that we can never fail. Oh the love of our father has that he has bestowed upon us!
It goes onto say; “There is a conjugal union between Christ and the elect that also flows from love and commenced in eternity. By the institution of natural marriage, the persons between whom it is contracted become one flesh, as did Adam and Eve. A nearer union than this cannot well be conceived of. [Their] marriage was a shadow and representation of that between Christ and His Church, whom, having espoused, He nourishes and cherishes as His own flesh. They become one.”

Christ betrothed us in eternity! He asked his Father to wed us as his spouse and bride! He found us and wrapped us up in his love and lovingkindness becoming surety for us. He bought back the redeemed cleansing us and sanctifying us. NOW THAT CAN PREACH! We are the church, his body and he declared openly to all that he is coming back for a pure bride. Have a great Monday!