“If you have raced against others on foot, and they have tired you out, how can you compete with horses?” Jer.12:5

Too many Christians pray for a revival coming but yet never experience a present revival. Its almost as if they are deaf, dumb, and blind to the fact that is God is alive and moving in the earth currently. There was a time in my life too that God was always coming but never really present; but when he walked into my room everything changed. I could have easily been a “foolish foolish little virgin with no oil for my lamp when the bridegroom came at midnight”. I pray you know the God of the present.

Last week I walked into the church hallway like so many times before but this time I heard laughing, praying and tongues in our computer lab during school hours. I stopped to listen and became excited to hear what the Lord was doing. At Victory there is always something pop pop popping somewhere! A few weeks ago our church become a host home for a precious mother from Mongolia and her baby that was born with a heart condition who flew in to get an operation. I was thrilled to see her give her life to Christ last Friday during Beyond the Grave and get prayer this Sunday during the services. She will never be the same because God never sleeps nor slumbers.

What can you do to live in the moment? Spurgeon says, “LET US RENEW OUR STRENGTH. To run upon the Master’s errands is always well, but to sit at the Master’s feet is quite as necessary; for, like the angels that excel in strength, our power to do His commandments arises out of our hearkening to the voice of His Word. If even for a human controversy quiet thought is a fit preparation, how much more is it needful in solemn pleadings with the Eternal One? Now let the deep springs be unsealed; let the solemnities of eternity exercise their power while all is still within us. But how happens it that such silence renews our strength? It does so, first, by giving space for the strengthening Word to come into the soul and the energy of the Holy Spirit to be really felt. Words, words, words—we have so many words, and they are but chaff! But where is the Word that in the beginning was God and was with God (John 1:1-2)? That Word is the living and incorruptible seed.”

Oh back to the kids getting touched in the computer lab-They all testified this morning talking about how God begin to touch them in school worship and they were flooded with joy and begin to pray for their classmates. One student was contemplating suicide got healed and another received the Lord. One student was filled with fire all over. Yes revival is all around us. One just has to become a vessel to pour through!