At that moment I cried out to Jesus 

My name is Angela Willis. Before Mary’s Song, I had a life full of sin, drugs and men. I was angry enough that I almost killed someone. On March 27th, I was arrested for 2nd degree attempted murder. I was in jail for 6-7 months and was looking at 20-30 years. At that moment I cried out to Jesus, even though I didn’t even know who He was. I cried for help and Jesus helped me way more then I asked for that day. He brought me to Mary’s Song! The Sheriff in Plaquemines Parish knew about Mary’s Song and told the Judge. The Judge looked at me and said, “I’m going to do you a favor and send you to Mary’s Song”. I’m not angry anymore, I love Jesus! I love reading my Bible and worshipping! I love church and the people! My leaders have helped me get to know and come close to God. Look at all the things He has done in my life. I have my prayer language. I can read and understand my Bible. I get to see my oldest son, Avery, after 7 months. My dad and son are saved. They got saved at Beyond the Grave! My mom is seeing a change in me and wants to attend Beyond the Grave too. After a year or two, I will finally get to see my youngest son, Zeek. Thank you Jesus!

He Turned by Angela Willis

Father God!
You turned my dark into light.
My black to white.
My wrongs to right!
You mold me into the most beautiful tree on the land. When the others takes me one step back
You take me two steps forward
By your grace and mercy Lord
You turn my dark into light
My black to white
My wrongs to right
You held me so tight in your arms
You love me even when the other side intervenes Your flame never dies
Your stream never runs dry
You turn my dark into light
My black into white
My wrongs to right
For all the days of my life