Miracle’s are happening at Mary’s Song by Pastor Parris Bailey

The girls have had a fantastic summer here at Mary’s Song. From our church opening up their houses with pools, to trips to the snowball stands, beaches, retreats and good ole campfires. The time went way too fast! As 2019 vastly approaches it is hard to believe we will celebrate our tenth year of walking by faith! Each month over 12 girls continue their journey to sobriety, healing in the love of God. If you only knew their stories of regret, abuse, and how they met Christ. It has been a honor to serve along side these girls as they courageously face the demons of the past and embrace the grace of the future! They are truly miracles! 

We were quite surprised this summer to be able to house two girls expecting their first child. The other girls have been so sweet to help and encourage them to become wonderful moms. In addition to our babies, two of the mothers were given a opportunity to be reconciled back with their children, and we made room and adjusted our community to open wide. We spent the summer finding camps, getting paperwork ready for their new schools, and the much needed uniforms.  

The Apostle Paul said in Romans 12:3, “For through the grace given to me I say to everyone among you not to think more highly of himself than he ought to think; but to think so as to have sound judgment, as God has allotted to each a measure of faith”. The girls are learning that they too have been given a measure of faith. That God equips each of us with a god given gift to believe for the spectacular. There is nothing like having the faith of God. F.F. Bruce says, ”Faith is the organ which enables people to see the invisible order”. The Greek word here for faith is Pistis. He is like the strong man that comes to lift anything out of the equation that stands in your way. Even when we are faithless he is faithful, are you joyless?  He gives the joy! Faith is a gift that comes from God when our faith runs empty. It is never something that we can produce on our own by any human effort or set of religious works. When we bask in his word daily it will prepare the soil of our hearts for the supernatural! HELPS word studies calls it; “GODS DIVINE PERSUASION” and goes onto to say, “for the Lord continually births faith in the yield believer so they can know what He prefers.” As a believer we learn to pray according to His will for Jesus never did anything outside of the Father’s will. HELPS continues with , “Faith is God’s warranty, certifying that the revelation He birthed in us will come to pass. The Lord offers to birth faith in each scene of life – so that each matters equally in eternity . . . no matter how insignificant they seem.” I love that! 

So do you see the correlation to the girls in Mary’s Song? When they lose hope, God gives hope. When they are beat down over and over again, faith comes supernaturally to them and lifts them out of the dunghill. We at Mary’s Song never give up on God’s ability to rebuild us from the inside out. 

We pray that you will continue to pray and support us as restoration and life happens everyday at Mary’s Song. He is able!