“The Kingdom of Heaven is like a treasure that a man discovered hidden in a field. In his excitement, he hid it again and sold everything he owned to get enough money to buy the field.” MATT. 13:44

There is a treasure that meets our deepest poverty. I still can remember it, or should I say FEEL IT. The deep, dark cavern of my soul, it always wanted yet was never full, reached out and came up with empty, screamed but the cry never was heard. That described the BC of my life. Futile, empty and worthless.

Somehow all along Christ was leading me to the greatest pearl of all, the one hidden in the field that was worth selling out for. My deepest poverty was met with his greatest treasure. I pray it doesn’t take a lifetime to find that which you already know.

McClaren Commentary says, “There are a great many other precious things in this world-human loves, earthly ambitions of noble and legitimate kinds. No one but a fool will deny the convenience and the good of having a competency of this world’s possessions. But all these have this miserable defect, or rather limitation, that they each satisfy some little corner of a man’s nature, and leave all the rest, if I may so say, like the beasts in a menagerie whose turn has not yet come to be fed, yelping and growling while the keeper is at the den of another one.” The sky to-night may be filled with galaxies of stars but better one sun than a million twinkling stars that fill the heavens, and yet do not scatter the darkness. Oh, brethren, to have one aim, one love, one treasure, one Christ, one God-there is the secret of blessedness. Thus, the unity of the treasure is the supreme excellence of the treasure.There is but one wealth which meets the whole of human nature!”

Sometimes I pity those that have “grown up in church” hearing about God yet the treasure seems concealed. God’s treasure comes to the world in a form which to a great many people veils or hides its preciousness. One can go through their whole life hearing sermons about what God can do for you, what you should do for him, and worst of all your familiarity with the word blinds you to his power in the here and now. Jesus! In whom all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge! What a pearl that is hidden right before us! We treat his ways, his words as insignificant.

Go buy the field my friend, the one you found the treasure in. Sell all the other cheap imitations, the glam, the glitter! Go get a shovel and start digging.