My name is Meagan. I’m 19 years old and I’ve been at Mary’s Song for eight months. Before Mary’s Song, I was a very rebellious child growing up so it was really hard on my mom.

I was molested at a young age which distorted my vision of men. My dad was always in and out of my life which distorted my view of a fatherly love. As I grew older, I looked for love in men, then eventually found out I was pregnant at eighteen years old.

I soon found myself at Mary’s Song. During the beginning, I struggled because I knew that I was young and hadn’t been the best of a person to even be a mom. I finally made my decision to keep the baby. I was very scared and nervous of not being a good mom.

Now God has done so much in my life throughout my pregnancy that I believe I AM A GOOD MOM!  God ordered my path to be able to get the help I needed emotionally and spiritually before I had him. James is a week old and he is the most beautiful baby boy I have ever seen. I know that God really DOES do things for a reason and I am so happy to be following Him. Because if I wasn’t, I could never be the great mom that God intended for me to be!