“Let’s blare “his glory among the nations, and his marvelous works among all the peoples.

HE plays with a ball in a manger, but the manger contains the orb of the world.
HE drinks from His mother’s breasts but He’s fed by His Father’s Angels.
HE got Himself entangled with our mortality, but He drapes us with His own immorality.
HE enjoy’s adoration, and He’s tickled by lactation. 
HE didn’t find a decent spot at the hostelry, but He’s made a nice nest for Himself in the hearts of all believers.
HE made infirmity look strong by making fortitude appear weak. Therefore, let’s look up at, more than we look down upon, His fleshly nativity! 
What did HE do for us? After all, HE raised humility to unheard of heights! All of which is another way of saying, let’s burn with His Charity so that we may enjoy His eternity!”