Hey y’all! My name is Ashley Milner and I’m 36 years old. Prior to Mary’s Song, I was a complete mess. I fell into addiction 20 years ago, because I was constantly searching for something or someone to fill the void that only the love of God could fill! I was both sexually and physically abused all of my childhood. I developed many mental and physical issues as a direct result. I was literally on 17 daily prescription medications and tried to commit suicide many times.
Fast forward, I graduated Mary’s Song one month ago, and I’m the happiest I’ve ever been in my life. I never thought I would find true happiness outside of my addictions, but I now know that those were only lies. I’m off every single medication, and I’ve recently dismissed my disability case!
My husband and I (along with our dog Achillies) currently live in the Bethesda community! We feel so blessed to now have such an amazing family at Victory Fellowship. The community that God has established here is unlike any other. The love of God in this place makes us never want to leave. We thank God every single day for bringing us to Victory Fellowship and for changing our family completely! Praise be to God!