Hi my name is Olivia and for 5 years I struggled with addiction. It all started with a prescription of Adderall, which quickly led to Apidex for weight loss and before I knew it I was using meth. I thought I was functioning for a long time and had everyone fooled. It didn’t take long before I found myself in a treatment center in 2016, which was followed by several others over the next two years.
But it wasn’t until I was arrested in 2018 that my entire world crumbled and I was desperate for something different. I was ministered to in jail, and given the opportunity to come to Mary’s song. Little did I know that Mary’s song is where I would encounter the love of Jesus Christ, which broke the chains of addiction off of my life. I have been here now for almost 10 months and have experienced god in ways that I’ve never known possible. I am now a full time employee at the Jefferson parish courthouse. How? My God redeems, restores, and makes all things new. I’ve been given a new life!