The Art of Grace
by thebaileydrink
Merry Tuesday by Parris

“The many-colored tapestry of God’s grace” 1 Pet.4:10

If there is one thing I have seen with pastoring its the many ways God meets mankind. He is not ill equipped nor is he surprised at our shenanigans . There is no story nor experience that a person can tell that he, “the father of lights” cannot reach. Redemption can never be put on paper, in a box, figured out or fully understood. Even the angels are mystified! Our creator loves to use his artistic flair when it comes to his grace in every situation. If you could put words in color I believe grace has all the colors combined or one could say that out of grace all the colors flow. Barclay says that “the grace of God is a many-colored thing that can match and meet every possible situation in life. To speak of grace as Poikilos it means artful, clever, resourceful that no possible problem can arise to which the grace of God cannot supply the solution, no possible task can be laid upon which the grace of God cannot find a way to do.

Have you ever been in such a conundrum of events that you lost yourself? How wonderful it is to know that the God of the universe is creating a wonderful canvas of graceful art around your situation. It’s your story and yours alone! Allow the God of the universe to paint!

A great exchange takes place when we decide to grasp his hand in our cliff hanger situations and let him help us through. What a deal!

Barclay continues with, “There is no possible set of circumstances, no possible crisis, emergency or demand through which the grace of God cannot find a way, and which the grace of God cannot triumphantly deal with and overcome. There is nothing in life with which the grace of God cannot cope. This vivid word poikilos leads our thoughts straight to that many-colored grace of God which is indeed sufficient for all things.”

Lets buzz through the Bible and recall all the many colored adventures we see our faithful brothers meet in this poikilos encounter. We stand amazed how 90 year old people go back in time with their bodies, to bear a child, we wonder how it was like to be in a belly of whale, or when Moses had the glory on his face when he talked with God, or what was it like when Joshua saw the Lord of Hosts? Jacob with the spotted and speckled sheep or the ascending ladder. Love the fourth man in the fire, and who will ever understand what happened on the island of Patmos. Each time the art of grace swallowed up one’s sorrow to create a blazing spectacle of God’s glory. Show me your canvas!