I am an overcomer by the blood of the Lamb and the Word of my testimony. (Rev.12:11)

I grew up in a home with physical, emotional, and sexual abuse by an aunt and uncle. I didn’t realize until I got to Mary’s Song that I blamed my mom and dad for it, and I also blamed God. I started using drugs and alcohol when I was 14. I have 3 kids and 7 grandkids, and I didn’t know any of them. I didn’t think I deserved anyone’s love and forgiveness, especially God’s.
My whole life was drugs, alcohol, and other things I’m not proud of. I’ve had abusive relationships and 3 failed marriages.

I was in and out of other relationships and homeless alot of the time. I’ve been arrested and served time in Florida County Jail. My life was a mess. My youngest son told me about Mary’s Song. At first, I was totally against it. Then I became homeless again and living in an abandoned house. My youngest son asked me to go to Mary’s Song again and I’m so happy I did! I found out I am loved and forgiven. Not only does everyone at Mary’s Song love me, but God does too! I’ve been baptized and I am a Christian now! I’ve experienced the presence of the Holy Spirit and it’s amazing! I love everyone at Mary’s Song. Thank you to my son and my beautiful daughter-in-law; and thank you GOD for never giving up on me. God is also restoring my relationship with my kids. WOW!

I am a new creature in Christ. (2 Corinthians 5:17)