by thebaileydrink

“But emptied himself, by taking the form of a servant, being born in the likeness of men” Phil. 2:7

If there is anyone that takes Advent to another level its St. Augustine. Using words as art he portrays the mystery in the manger. When God becomes man laying in a food trough who couldn’t speak yet created the worlds. What a moment to take it all in this precious season we are in! Get past the lights, the emptiness of the tinsel, push back the have nots and let time grow still. The star may surprise you at any turn, the manger becomes the portal to see the face of God. Immanuel is all around us, we just have to draw near. Do you hear what I hear? Do you stop and see what the Magi were looking for when all of Bethlehem cared not for they dared not look up? The wordless word comes in so many ways; be it star, the beat of the drummer boy’s drum, or shaggy shepherds seeing angels swirl. Augustine says, “when heaven became a tongue”. May we all use our voice is so many ways this Christmas!

Augustine goes on to say, “Deservedly, therefore, did the Prophets announce He’d be born; the Heavens and the Angels, that He’d been born. He lay in a manger, and yet the world rested in his hands. As an infant, He was wordless, and yet He was the Word Itself. Him whom the Heavens couldn’t huddle, the lap of a single woman could easily cuddle. She was toting about on her hip Him Who carries her about the universe. Her breasts were running, but they were enriching the Bread of Life.”

Can we just stop and read through the scriptures to see once again that a miracle is among us? Stretch forth the story of the manger, let the hay get into your stable mess and allow this baby, this Son of God, create your miracle again and again. On the day of his birth all came running from everywhere because of the hope it gave. And to this day we continue to do so, we join in the world wide festival of Christ coming down to man to make infertile fertile.

Again Augustine exclaims! “He didn’t stop holding His universe together with His mighty arms while He was trying to catch flies with His baby fingers. He put on the clumsiness of the flesh when He entered the Virgin’s womb, and yet His movement throughout the universe wasn’t hampered by the baggy pants. He didn’t take away the food of Wisdom from the Angels while He was supplying us with the sweetness of the Lord.”

The Apostle Paul said, “He emptied Himself and through this new form He was made in the likeness of men.” He comes to always bring his gift of Himself. Merry Christmas