They went on to Beer (The Well), where God said to Moses, “Gather the people; I’ll give them water.” That’s where Israel sang this song:

Erupt, Well!

Sing the Song of the Well,

the well sunk by princes,

Dug out by the peoples’ leaders

digging with their scepters and staffs.

Numbers 21:16-18

“And there this glorious fountain forever flows forth in streams, yea, in rivers of love and delight, and these rivers swell, as it were, to an ocean of love, in which the souls of the ransomed may bathe with the sweetest enjoyment, and their hearts, as it were, be deluged with love.”– Jonathan Edwards

I have always loved this passage. God promised that he would always give us water. Our part is to sing to the well in expectation. We stay forever thirsty and God keeps the supply going. Back when Issac was around he had the ministry of rediscovering the wells his father Abraham dug. Issac became a well digger and I wonder too if he did a little singing/laughing? Maybe your well needs a little erupting? Get out your staves and re-dig the wonderful truths that have been placed in you! Re- dig his promises and re-dig the times he touched you! Maybe your a little crusty, grumpy and not so full of faith. The bad news of the day has an engulfing aroma that suffocates us. His supply is always there and he has provided hidden springs all around us. Jesus cried with a loud voice! “If any man is thirsty, come to me!”

Maybe you have become a broken cistern in which you allowed all your hope vision and Christ’s victories to be taken from you. Again there is water enough for you and it is an inexhaustible fountain of supply. He provides a way of escape from the heat of the day. He will give us water. He is the flinty rock that breaks forth from its banks, he is the flask of water that Hagar found when she was near death, He is our Jacob that will uncover the stone from the well when we can’t lift it ourselves, He will meet us at the well at noon day and we will not leave as the same person. His ministry is to come and give us drink out of his divine supply!

“Spring up, O well; Sing ye unto it.” Sing before the well begins to spring. Sing confidently, sing in expectation for we know His promises are yes and yes and yes! “Flow on, flow on, perennial fount! Spurgeon says, Flow on, thou wondrous stream divinely given!”

“Thy place of defense shall be the munitions of rocks: thy bread shall be given thee, and thy water shall be sure.”

“Who passing through the valley of Baca make it a well; the rain also fills the pools.”