Hi my name is Ann! I’ve been at Mary’s Song for 9 months now. Before Mary’s Song my life was a complete disaster. For over 35 years I was an alcoholic and drug user. I was brought up in an abusive home and I ‘ve had 3 abusive marriages. I had no relationship with my kids or grandchildren. I’ve been homeless a few times and in and out of jail. The last time I became homeless I finally had enough; I was desperate and reached out to my youngest son. He told me about Mary’s Song and 9 months later I am still here. The Lord has really turned my life completely around. I am a Christian now, serving God. He has completely restored my relationship with my children and grandchildren. I have a new life now and I am very excited about my future. I graduate in 4 months and I want to volunteer here at Mary’s Song. I love Jesus and for the first time ever I LOVE MY LIFE!