My life was out of control, but I really didn’t think so. I was depressed, suicidal, unhappy and living on the edge. I thought I had control because I could function in everyday life by having a job. I wasn’t like others, that’s what the devil said. One day I’m just gonna do some drugs, I can do just a little bit. Well, that didn’t happen. One day turned into four days and then I was in jail, While in jail, I was lead to the Lord by a fellow inmate, who I almost had a physical altercation with. We started a bible study where I started reading my bible daily and was dedicated to my devotions. I went to church where I found a pamphlet about Mary’s Song. As soon as I saw it, I knew that is where I needed to be. I was 100% sure! The devil taunted me daily but God kept giving me signs. My attorney said that the judge was not going to release me into rehab on a bond stipulation. I told him it was in God’s Hands. I was only in jail for 40 days. Then I was released on Friday the 13th. Wow!!!

I got to Mary’s Song on Friday and by Monday the world was shut down. This enabled me to use this time to start learning how to be still, quiet, to learn to love and be loved, to be submissive, to learn and obey God’s word, to be who I am supposed to be, a child of God.

I have been baptized in the Holy Spirit and in water. I have felt the Holy Spirit more in the last seven weeks then in my 40 years of life. I am learning how to pray and trust openly. I am here for a reason and a few seasons. I am committed! I surrender to you Jesus. More of you and less of me!