Eph. 5:15,16 “Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise but as wise, making the best use of the time, because the days of evil”

If there is any time to live in, I would say this is that time. If there is any segment of moments I would say this is that moment. Almost as if the page turned in history and the whole world was suddenly put on pause, time moved into segments and we hopefully drew close to God. In the above verse the Apostle Paul warns us about making the best of this opportune moment because all around us evil lurks. Passion translation says, “take full advantage of every day as you spend your life for his purposes”.

God has given each and every one of us a purpose! One of the meanings of time (Greek “Kairos”) is realizing you are living in an extraordinary time, requiring interpretation. The capacity to read the signs of the times (kairos) and respond to it not in fear but by faith. Lord give us the ability to perceive the signs of this time! Jesus wept over Jerusalem because they didn’t recognize the day of his visitation. Kairos also means it’s a dangerous time. It is critical to recognize it, for if you allow it to pass, the loss will be immeasurable (Jesus wept because he foresaw the destruction of the city). There is a burden or responsibility tied up in the recognition of the kairos. God used Mordecai to warn Esther that if she kept silent at this extraordinary time God will use someone else and her life will not be spared.

Within these grace moments, these moments when we are stopped in our tracks, we are given the chance to reawaken to action, transformation, even a change of life. Whatever was hindering you in the past is not to hinder you now for the set time has come for the favored time. When others scatter, this is the time to draw near.

In these special moments of time, God will give us special opportunity to not just endure crisis but to create opportunity and favor. It is in these times God assists us with supernatural endurance, ability, agility, and insight to see what others cannot see or perceive.

In the Greek Chronos refers to minutes and seconds. Whereas Kairos refers to an opportune moment or due season. We are taught to number our days. I pray you will be alert and make the best of this moment!