Ps.104:4 – You make your angels into winds of the Spirit
and all your ministers become flames of fire.

Angels are one of God’s mysteries. We see them all throughout the scriptures and they seem to become more active at critical times. Maybe we live in one of those times and there are angels among us. James G. Murphy called them flaming fires; check this out.

“Fire is expressive of irresistible power, immaculate holiness, and ardent emotion. It is remarkable that the seraphim, one class at least of these ministers, have their name from a root signifying to burn; and the altar, from which one of them took the live coal, Isa 6:6, is the symbol of the highest form of holy love.”

Angels are consumed with passion for God and are consumed by His worship. No wonder they are called flames of fire. Augustine said that this passage also refers to His ministers or preachers. He said we must be touched by fire in order to effect others. Here is how he said it.

“Who makes spirits His angels, and flaming fire His ministers: that is, those who are already spirits, who are spiritual, not carnal, He makes His Angels, by sending them to preach His gospel. “And flaming fire His ministers.” For unless the minister that preaches be on fire, he enflames not him to whom he preaches.”

The creatures that live in closeset proximity of the Lord are a type of angelic being called seraphim. Their very name means “burning one” describing not only their appearance but the passion for the Lord that enflames their heart. Here is how Matthew Henry describes them.

“In Ezekiel’s vision they ran and returned like a flash of lightning, Ezek. i. 14. Thence they are called seraphim—burners. Whatever they are, they are what God made them, what he still makes them; they derive their being from him, having the being he gave them, are held in being by him, and he makes what use he pleases of them.”

So we have to ask ourselves, are we burning with this passionate fire that enflames the angels of God? How can we become these flames of fire? There is really only one way; we have to draw close to the throne. As we draw near to the throne and make our home there, we too will become winds of the Spirit and flames of fire.