My name is Raevyn. Prior to my arrival at Mary’ song, I lived a very secular lifestyle and was in a very consuming relationship that grew intensely toxic over the course of three years. My guilt and shame throughout my life, and my constant desire to change led me down a dark road of depression. I grew extremely suicidal and knew if I didn’t move my feet, I was going to die at only 23. God made a way and brought me here to Mary’s Song where into my dry bones He breathed life, and loved me back to life with His sweet kisses and tangible love. Although as wonderful as life is, I struggle with the same thing most born-again Christians battle with, which is the constant want that everyone knows Jesus the way that I do. I want all my unsaved loved ones and anyone I encounter to experience the warmth and anointing God has blessed me with, so I begged Him to show me how. In response, He gave me a revelation and vision.

God first reminded me that it isn’t my job to save, but to follow the path laid for me and He takes care of the rest. I asked Him, “what can I do? Who can I be, if not a savior to my lost loved ones?” And Jesus showed me a fountain every time I opened my lips, living water poured out. I was a fountain. He showed me that everyone I encountered, I poured out into them so that they could receive a taste of Jesus, just by having a conversation with me. The taste is so sweet and so fulfilling, that they keep coming back for more, and when they couldn’t reach me, they search for this water elsewhere to quench their thirst. They turn on the radio, and water pours out. They turn on the television, and water pours into their living room. They open the Bible, and water pours from the page. Next thing I know, they’re so thirsty for more that they find themselves in church on Sunday, and the ceiling opens as water pours down and floods in the sanctuary, completely drowning them in the living water and Holy Spirit. When they leave, they leave as a fountain. It is inevitable that we will want others to experience the fire and fulfillment we feel, but all we can do is hope that every conversation we have with someone, they leave thirsty for more. “Well, what if?” I asked God, “what if they don’t follow? What if I don’t see my harvest? What if they never thirst for more, or they never became a fountain?” Jesus replied, “You will then find peace in knowing that they at least got to experience just a taste of me.”