Daile’s story of freedom from addiction

Our God is a good, good God! Our God is a miracle working God! I was born with a dislocated hip. I was put in a body cast. Ten months later, the doctors did not see any progress and told my mom that I probably would not heal and that I would probably never walk. I learned how to crawl in a cast. I could not move my legs though, so I had to pull myself around with my arms. But my mom was a prayer warrior and did not believe the doctors! My miracle working God healed my hip and not only was I able to start walking, later in life I excelled in sports! Our God is good. Later, at two years old, I shoved an apple seed in my ear and poked a hole in my eardrum. The hole did not heal and I had a very painful ear infection my whole life. One day, at age 9, I had a very bad ear infection with a fever and could not go to softball practice one day. My prayer warrior coach said come on and I will pray for you. When I got there, he prayed over my ears and immediately the pain went away. Later that night, the fever broke too. Over the next few weeks he prayed over my ear infection and the damage done to my ear drum. This was my first personal encounter of the blood of Jesus being prayed over me and its miraculous healing power. I thought he was crazy the first time, but I’m here to testify that I haven’t had an earache since the last day he prayed for me and said I was healed. From that day forward, I had childlike faith and believed in expectation that the miracle would happen and sure enough it did! God is good. He makes the impossible possible. I was also suffering from severe nerve pain in my arms, dropping things and unable to function, which opened the door to me desiring to get back on pain medications. I was scheduled to have surgery, was prepped and everything, when they pushed back my surgery. It was only pushed back for six hours, but I ended up leaving. I prayed to God that He would heal me, and He did. I have not had a flare up since I’ve been here. Also, after 20 years suffering from Hepatitis C, the Lord has healed me! I am now whole and complete and lacking nothing!

Prior to coming into Mary’s Song, I was severely beaten by the police for resisting arrest. It was so bad that my kidneys were compromised and began to shut down. It felt like an 18-wheeler had run me over. I was in extreme pain everywhere. I cried out to Jesus for supernatural healing and recovery. Jesus came through like He always does! I stopped taking pain meds and began meditating on the Word of God and exercising next to my hospital bed! The doctors thought I was crazy, especially because I kept saying Jesus is healing me and that I don’t need meds. They couldn’t understand how I was recovering so fast. Two weeks later, I was released after being cleared by a physical examination and a bunch of physical evaluation tests. By the grace of God, the DA dropped my six felony charges, including battery with an injury. God is good and His mercy endures forever.  When I had Nathan seven years ago, I had a C-section. I was recovering drug addict at Mary’s Song and had been clean for seven months at the time. The doctor had an IV in my arm with a pain medication in it. He said that I could push the button every six minutes as needed. That was a huge trigger for me and could have taken me back out again! AGAIN God showed up and walked me through it. God healed my C-section with NO NARCOTIC PAIN MEDS! Just lots of Mary Song prayers and Ibuprofen. I was sober for six years and got into a horrible relationship that was very mentally and emotionally abusive and traumatizing. It was so bad that if I wouldn’t have known Jesus I probably would have killed myself. Over the past year, I had serious depression, anxiety, and thoughts of getting back on Xanax and pain medications. I started drinking and partying when I did not have Nathan and smoking weed. This year, on the Fourth of July, I went to a party to let loose, and ended up taking acid and ecstasy, or what I thought were those anyway. Three days later, I went into a psychosis and completely lost my mind. I reached out to Mary’s Song a few times and did not even believe Rachel was Rachel. I was insane. 19 days later, I drug tested myself and was positive for PCP and meth. Again, all I could do was pray. Needless to say, I had a lethal amount in my system and my brain was completely gone. After nineteen days, I didn’t think that I was going to come back from this. And on top of it I had a crazy boyfriend tormenting me throughout all of this! All I knew was that I needed Jesus so I cried out to Him once again to bring me back to life.  I promised Him if He did I would live out the rest of my life as a holy and pleasing sacrifice back to Him. I promised to be a good and faithful servant back to Him. God is so AMAZING, GOOD, AND A MIRACLE WORKER! Today I sit here six months later, sober and happy! Today I am about my Father’s business, in my right mind again. Today, as hard as I ran in the world, I am now running that hard for the kingdom of God.