“One generation shall praise your works to another, And shall declare Your mighty and remarkable acts” Ps. 145:4

When Frank and I received the Lord on the lakefront of New Orleans we “in a blink of an eye” got married, enrolled in Bible School and started living in community surrounded by grape vineyards in the San Joaquin Valley. Never did I realize that for the rest of my life those five years would make a huge impact on me.
Living five years together with people changes you. Ok let me say it again, living together in the same house with Jesus lovers changes your behavior! The women in community taught me to worship, love my husband and care for our new born all at the age of sixteen to twenty-one years old. The book of Acts came alive as we learned to have “all things in common” and break bread together. To my neighbor next door who sang for hours with her guitar to my “bible college” friends who struggled with me, their lives left an imprint of Christ! My memories are filled with laughter, singing for hours in the spirit in a dilapidated chapel and having lots of hunger pangs!
God has used all those experiences to cause me to believe that being around others in close proximity at church services is vital! Watching the way others worship, express themselves to God and others transfers the anointing “from one generation to another”. We imitate those we are around and that can be a good thing! Signs and wonders happen when people are in worship!
Recently Frank and I watched a documentary about five groups of newly born wild animals. The cheetah was faced with raising 5 of her young in the African savanna and lost two because she was the only protector, while the lion cubs had their pride of lions to surround them. What was even more interesting the Chimpanzees are social animals that are surrounded with anywhere from 15-150 other chimpanzees. To the amazement of scientists they have found that chimpanzees are quite handy with a hammer, stone, and sticks only because from one generation to another it has been passed down.
Growing up in a Christian home is something to value and respect because the truths of God have been instilled in you as it was me attending that bible school. Truths such as tithing, attending church, walking in love as husband and wife, worship and prayer all being major truths that cause our lives to be built upon the rock. From one generation to another it is passed down. It is when we become prodigals in our spirit and rebel against God given truths that the house/generation is no longer stable. Where do you find yourself living out your existence?
Let’s not have a generation where one has to rediscover the Holy Spirit again! After all we are Pentecostal or are we?