“Mark the perfect man, and behold the upright: for the end of that man is peace” Ps.37:37

The end of that man is peace!

Sometimes in our heart we begin to feel the weight of walking daily with the Lord. No, it shouldn’t become a burden at all. In fact, when we feel this, something is off in our lives. Either our lives took an unexpected turn or expectations weren’t met. Before we know it, we begin to walk in strife and ungratefulness. Knowing that the Lord loads us daily with his benefits. Why, even the fainthearted can mount up with wings as of eagles.

MacLarens gives us a good word: “Our way is traced by Him, and runs alongside of His. It leads to Himself. Then rest in the Lord, and ‘judge nothing before the time.’ We cannot criticize the Great Artist when we stand before His unfinished masterpiece, and see dim outlines here, a patch of crude color there. But wait patiently for Him, and so, in calm expectation of a blessed future and a finished work, which will explain the past, in honest submission of our way to God, in supreme delight in Him who is the gladness of our joy, the secret of tranquillity will be ours”. Wow, did you hear this? Judge nothing before its time.

Expositors Bible goes onto to say, “Trust is peace. They who take refuge in Jehovah are safe, and their inheritance shall be forever. That is the psalmist’s inmost secret of a blessed life”.

This week we are celebrating 48 years of encountering the Lord and being married. Yes, we had quite an experience in August of ’73. I am so honored to be carried by my Savior since I was 16. And of course, loved my husband these many, many years. My word to you is keep with it! Everyday just talk to him, walk with him, choose the right way! Draw close to the body, surround yourself with Christians and lay on His word! I mean, read it through and through and then some!

Matthew Henry ends with this, “Keep your eye upon him to observe what comes of him, and you will find that the end of that man is peace. Sometimes the latter end of his days proves more comfortable to him than the beginning was; the storms blow over, and he is comforted again, after the time that he was afflicted.”

Everything you do for Him is seen and never wasted my friend. Your steps will grow brighter and brighter!